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Nice Women Celebrities photos

Nice Women Celebrities photos

Check out these women celebrities images:

1951 Old Gold Cigarettes Ad, with TV Announcer & Actor Dennis James women celebrities
Image by classic_film Vintage 1950s magazine advertisement, Old Gold Cigarettes, with legendary TV host, actor, and announcer Dennis James (August 24, 1917â€"June 3, 1997), 1951 Brief Dennis James bio from Wikipedia: American television personality, actor, and announcer. He is credited as the host of television's first network game show, the DuMont Network's Cash and Carry, in 1946. James was the first person to host a telethon and the first to appear in a television commercial. [...] James often addressed the TV audience as "Mother", a practice he had begun when discussing the finer points of wrestling during his sports broadcasts. He feared the men in the audience would be insulted by the implication that they didn't already know the rules (even if they didn't), but would accept that James was merely explaining things for the benefit of women viewers. During the 1953â€"54 season, James was the announcer of the quiz program Judge for Yourself, which aired on NBC, with Fred Allen as the emcee. James gained his greatest fame as the host of numerous game shows. Prior to 1956, he and Bert Parks hosted the ABC musical game show Stop the Music. In 1956, James emceed the short-lived High Finance on CBS in which contestants answer current events questions to build up a jackpot for prizes. James later hosted the NBC daytime revival of Name That Tune (1974â€"75) and his last game show, the weekly syndicated nighttime version of The (New) Price is Right (1972â€"77). James and producer Mark Goodson co-hosted a promotional film, selling stations on the 1972 revival of Price, which was originally hosted by James' fellow TV pioneer Bill Cullen. [...] Outside of sports and game shows, James was also a popular commercial spokesman for products including Old Gold cigarettes, Kellogg's cereals and, through his own production company, many local and regional companies and businesses. For nearly 30 years, James was the spokesman for Physicians Mutual Insurance Company until his death in 1997. His expression "Okay? Okay!" became a trademark in many of James' commercials. He returned to his wrestling roots in the 1978 Henry Winkler film The One and Only as the announcer for Winkler's title match, and was also the wrestling commentator in Rocky III for Rocky Balboa's match against Thunderlips (played by Hulk Hogan). His final acting appearance was in The Method in 1997. ************************* Published in Quick news weekly magazine, Sep. 24, 1951, Vol. 5 No. 13 Fair use/no known copyright. If you use this photo, please provide attribution credit; not for commercial use (see Creative Commons license)

A Brief History of Hollywood women celebrities
Image by Profound Whatever 1910-1920 â€" Since the majority of early movie audiences are women and children, moviemakers begin producing adventure serials with women in lead roles, including actress Pearl White, dubbed “the queen of the serials”. Female writers and directors are common behind-the-scenes: Alice Guy-Blaché breaks ground as a highly prolific director in the pre-Hollywood era, while Lois Weber becomes the highest paid director during Universal’s early years. Journalist Frances Marion is hired as a screenwriter and writes over 250 films, including THE POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL for Mary Pickford, already one of the country’s most respected actresses. Pickford’s rewarding partnership with Marion helps forge a new type of celebrity: the movie star.

Award Winner women celebrities
Image by Extra Medium This woman won the award for "Hottest Girl in Rap Video". So with categories like that, you know we're dealing with a top-notch award show. I found out that she's actually pretty popular. I sent her a photo of mine, and she was so excited she actually is using it as her default Myspace profile photo. Not bad since she already had plenty of photos from that night.

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